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Clutter and Debris Responsibility

Keeping Spaces Neat + Tidy

The Fee Schedule's "Clutter and Debris (Yard + 1 Bdrm Hallway)" section requires residents to keep their respective yard, stairwell, and hallway consistently clear and clean, removing all personal possessions and external items and/or growth. This is an on-going requirement concerning all CTC residents to fulfill year-round. 

The Clutter and Debris Fee will be assessed to your account for:

  • Any items in stairwell/hallway (such as shoes, doormat, waste, etc.)
  • Front/back yard areas have items that are not for the purpose of outside use such as: indoor chairs, sofas, microwaves, dressers, interior appliances, computers, vacuums, etc.
  • Items stored on top of storage unit/storage unit unable to close properly
  • Garden plot areas: front/back unattended (weed growth)

2 and 3 Bedroom Units: Front and Back Garden Responsibility

Residents are responsible for maintaining all plants in the three-foot space next to apartment entry doors. This is an on-going requirement to fulfill from May to October* and concerns all 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms, regardless if your household planted flowers in the garden area or not. 

With this change in turf management program, there may be more weeds, including Thistle which may poke you. Although it is not required to remove these weeds, you may want to pull any such as thistle that may hurt if stepped on. Residents are responsible to keep flower beds maintained by pulling all weeds during the summer season. You are welcome to plant flowers in your flower bed areas in your front and back areas if not already landscaped. Please help the co-op by removing weeds that are on Minnesota Noxious Weed List. Additional weed identification help can be found through the U of MN Extension.

2020 Update: 

Please see new updated planting policy for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units.

So let's keep our gardens clean, mean, and weed-fighting machines all summer long! 

*Living in an increasingly unpredictable climate, this time frame is subject to change. You will be the first to know if it does!

Contact the Office

Feel free to contact the office for any and all of your questions, and we are happy to elaborate further on the Clutter and Debris Responsibility!