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In partnership with the University of Minnesota, at least one resident per household must be actively enrolled at the University under specific academic titles to meet eligibility requirements. Applicants are also prioritized based on academic and familial status; yet, residents are invited to live at the co-op with or without a family.

Eligible Statuses

Our co-op houses graduate students, upper-level undergraduate students (junior or senior), and professionals in training living with and without children and/or a romantic partner. See the full list of job codes for eligible professionals in training here. The University of Minnesota determines our eligibility standards, in which the exclusivity of these academic standings is unfortunately indisputable.

Families and Singles Welcome

It is not a requirement for eligible graduates, upper-level undergraduates, or professionals in training to live with a spouse/domestic partner and/or any children. Yet, applicants with families have priority over others with equivalent academic statuses. Define “family.”

Academic Credentials

One individual in each household must meet academic guidelines during two consecutive semesters of each academic year as a actively enrolled, full time student.

Roommates of single students and family members do not need to meet the eligibility requirements when living with an eligible student.

Applicant Prioritization

Within eligible affiliations, specific academic and familial status dictate our priority process for applicants.

The following eligible statuses are listed in ranking order of precedence:

  • Graduate or undergraduate students with families
  • Single graduate students
  • Professionals in training with families
  • Single professionals in training
  • Single undergraduate student with a senior class standing
  • Single undergraduate student with a junior class standing

Your New Home Awaits

Now that you have confirmed you are eligible to live at Commonwealth Terrace Co-op, it’s time to start your application and join our dynamic student community! We can’t wait to meet you.