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Maintenance Request

We care about this place like no one else -- and it shows! From our quick response time to how we invest in green and cost-effective practices, our efforts are grounded in insightful solutions that not only rigorously preserve our buildings and the environment but also provide the utmost comfort for our residents.

Maintenance Videos

The following videos provide essential information for all adults in your household, including pertinent maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting solutions. Select the below video that corresponds with your specific type of unit at CTC for the most useful content. Contact the office if you would like a maintenance team member to walk through your apartment to further discuss or answer any questions.

Additional Resources

  • Laundry Repair

    Contact the office if a washer, dryer, or re-value station is malfunctioning and we will contact BDS Laundry services for a fast resolution. Please include the building number and machine tag number when reporting any maintenance issues.

  • Pest Control

    CTC employs an on-site representative from RemTech Pest Control for effective extermination and prevention services for all internal and external pests. Notify the office to enlist our pest management services when needed.

  • Keys & Lock-outs

    Our maintenance team can create extra or replacements keys, as well as assist in lock-out situations, for a small fee. Contact the office via telephone for prompt lock-out relief, otherwise place a work order below for all other requests.

Annual Inspections

The University of Minnesota requires yearly inspections to ensure the expected levels of health and safety of each unit is maintained. CTC's annual maintenance inspections start in September and last through winter until all buildings and units are complete. During the inspection, maintenance will examine (and fix if needed) your home’s exterior and interior structural components to verify all systems and features are working properly, as well as ensuring the cleanliness, security, and safety precautions meet building code and regulations.

More on the Annual Inspection process reporting.

Place a Maintenance Request

As a co-op, it is all of our responsibility to keep the units and buildings well maintained and report any damages, malfunctions, or otherwise immediately. Submit a work order through RentCafe for our maintenance team to address these issues. Most repair and maintenance requests do not result in charges to residents and are typically serviced by our technicians within 48 hours.

For all emergencies during or after office hours, please call (651) 646-7526 for immediate support.