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We encourage residents to be active participants and involve themselves in the community through volunteerism, helping the co-op to better serve you in addition to gaining applicable work experience firsthand. As a community of learners, no experience is necessary to participate in these opportunities, only the desire to aspire and inspire through ingenuity and inclusion.

Board of Directors

Our co-op Board members serve on behalf of the members’ interests by developing governance policies that are consistent with our values and vision. The Board works collaboratively with the management team and the standing committees to strengthen our co-op for now and for the future.

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Strategic Committees

Our committees promote community building and directly influence co-op decision-making in various sectors of our multifaceted co-op. This enables our committee members to develop a comprehensive understanding of the co-op’s operations, strong leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to think critically.

We currently have four standing committees:

  • Operations: promotes policy initiatives that are safe, resourceful, and energize community connections
  • Programs: organizes community-wide activities and events
  • Finance: monitors and optimizes the operational budget, annual audit, proposed rents and fees, and CTC investments
  • Landscape & Environmental Design: works to enhance aesthetic, cost-effectiveness, and non-harmful methodologies for our grounds.

Our committees are always looking for new members, feedback, and suggestions! Contact the office to contribute.

Ward Representative

CTC is divided into 14 wards, or subcommunities, to foster a more interconnected and efficient community. Each ward has a representative that serves voluntarily to create a comfortable, safe, and supportive atmosphere for residents, facilitating interactions with neighbors and their acclimation to co-op life.

Ward Reps are mutually benefited through the position, as they earn pivotal work experience and develop valuable skills as a peer mentor and administrator.

Learn more about a Rep’s Rewards & Responsibilities

Round-Up Volunteers

Residents can also join our Round-up Volunteer List, which allows flexibility in volunteer participation according to one’s interests and schedule. The Round-up Volunteers are notified when a new opportunity presents itself, and they can sign-up for the shift if so desired.

This is a great way to get involved, as Round-up Volunteers are not bound to any recurring task or time commitments yet have the chance to contribute to the community when it is convenient.

Sign up for the Round-up Volunteer List

Join Us!

Our volunteers develop strong professional and interpersonal skills, while also developing the community around them for an enhanced co-op experience for all. Send all your volunteer interests and inquiries to the office and we’ll connect you with the proper resources for the growth of a beautiful partnership.