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Here you can find a quick one-stop shop for all your community guides and information, including our must-read handbook, maps, Community Center room reservations, and access to your resident portal.

Resident Handbook

The Resident Handbook is your guide to the many services and policies available at CTC. It is required for all residents to read the handbook thoroughly due to the multifaceted and critical information included. Some topics of interest include:

  • Co-op Governance
  • Responsibilities of a Co-op Member
  • Specific Occupancy Rules
  • Moving out of CTC
  • Vehicles at CTC
  • Maintenance, Grounds, and Safety Guidelines
  • Schedule of Charges and Fees

Rent Cafe Resident Portal

Rent Cafe is our new all-inclusive hub to pay rent, submit a maintenance request, and update or retrieve personal or unit information. Rent Cafe is a online portal available via desktop and mobile devices, as well as a downloadable mobile app for even greater efficiency! Log in here to access your online account. 


  • CTC Grounds

    Gain a general aerial perspective of the CTC property in reference to all buildings, addresses, streets, resident and visitor parking spots, laundry room locations, and ward perimeters.

  • Outdoor Amenity Guide

    Pinpoint the community gardens, sports courts, playgrounds, rain and sand barrels, charcoal grills, trash and recycling, composting containers, exercise equipment, and walking paths.

  • USPS Mail Cluster Boxes

    The United States Postal Service manages the mail delivery and mailbox clusters located around the co-op. CTC provides you with a mailbox assignment and keys upon move-in (or as requested).

Private Room Reservations

Our Community Center has four rooms available for private reservations: the Fireplace, Upstairs, Playroom, and Kitchen. From birthday parties to professional meetings, these spaces are perfect for any occasion and are obtainable at no charge.

Contact the office to schedule an available reservation.

Laundry Information

CTC uses BDS Laundry services, which supplies all the laundry equipment seen throughout our co-op. This includes the card-reader operated washers and dryers in our 32 laundry rooms, as well as the laundry cards and the re-value stations.

You can purchase and refill laundry cards at the re-value stations located in the Community Center and the Study Center. The Study Center station is accessible 24/7 with your laundry key.

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Contact the office if a washer, dryer, or re-value station needs any maintenance support. Please include the building number and machine tag number when reporting repair issues.

Greater Details & Resources

Email is our primary method of communication with residents. We email your registered email address with relevant community announcements, as well as important maintenance notices specific to your unit or building. Thus, it is mandatory you receive and read these emails! Please contact the office to update or add an email address to our mailing lists.

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