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Newly expanded academic eligibility to live at CTC! Call our office at 651-646-7526 to learn more.

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Membership Information

Everyone is welcome at Commonwealth Terrace Co-op. Residents also have the option to become a member of our unique, values-driven co-op, along with 95% of our other community member households. Your investment builds equity for the co-op, in addition to supporting an independent, community-powered organization that cultivates ethical decision-making, sustainable methods, and human cooperation.

  • Share Contribution

    The one-time membership fee applies to the entire household, and it is good for life at any time during your stay at CTC.

  • Active Participation

    Engage in the periodic cleaning of laundry rooms and the grounds, and at the Annual Member Meeting.

  • Save Money

    Your efforts help the co-op preserve resources, and in turn, members receive a substantial rent discount each month.

We are Stronger Together!

The decision to become a co-op member means that you benefit financially through monthly rent discounts, as well as philosophically by investing our sustainable and benevolent co-op. Members can serve the greater good through volunteerism and leadership opportunities – within the community and beyond — while making lifelong friends and connections. Members also receive a patronage refund in profitable years and have a vote towards upcoming policy changes.

Membership Requirements

At CTC, everything we do to leads toward our goal of becoming a more sustainable, respectful, and interconnected community. We strive to cultivate a community that values engagement, collaboration, and the creation of meaningful relationships among members of the co-op.

In this mission, we ask our members to contribute the following:

  • Payment of the one-time membership fee
  • Participate in laundry room cleaning rotation within your ward or serve on a committee of your choice
  • Attend the annual member meeting
  • Assist in fall and spring clean-ups

Community Engagement

We encourage residents to be active participants and involve themselves in the community through volunteerism, helping the co-op to better serve you, as well as to gain applicable work experience firsthand.

Options include volunteering at community events, joining a strategic operations committee, or serving as a representative for your ward or on the Board of Directors. As a community of learners, no experience is necessary to participate in these opportunities, only the desire to aspire and inspire through ingenuity and inclusion.