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Yard Inspections 2022

Clean and clear yards/garden beds to avoid an inspection fee.

Yard Inspections

Starting November 7, 2022

Yard inspections will start the week of November 7, 2022, post Fall Clean-up (November 5-6, 2022). The inspection will check to ensure all residents are keeping their household yard/garden beds neat and weed-free. Maintaining clean and clear yards/gardens is on-going requirement to fulfill throughout growing season, typically April to October.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure you do not receive a yard fee (of the Clutter and Debris Responsibility) during the inspection, which can apply to each infraction (such a fee per each unmaintained garden bed of your unit).

Check front and back door for notification, provided after your yard inspection if your there was something found needing correction.

1. Remove all weeds from your front and back gardens

All 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units must keep their gardens maintained in a neat and weed free manner. This also applies to one-bedroom units, which share the responsibility with the building. 

2. Collect weeds in preparation for disposal

3. Drop weeds into the compost bins located at the community garden sites

Update (November 2022):

Our co-op’s compost bins are closed until further notice. During this time, the bins are only accepting plant debris/trimmings (grass, garden weeds, leaves, small twigs). 

Please do not discard anything other than plant trimmings into the bins while closed (especially NO household food scraps!). Visit for full details and updates. 

4. Clear and organize the remainder of your yard

In addition to removing and properly disposing all the weeds in your gardens, complete the following to ensure you fully pass the inspection:

Clutter and Debris Policy

Responsibility for All Units + All Year

Read more on the Clutter and Debris Responsibility, pertaining all units to adhere to throughout the year to avoid any fees. We appreciate all of your work with continuous improvements to the safety and appearance of the CTC property.  

Unit Garden Bed/Planter Policy

2020 Update

Please see updated planting policy for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units.

Tagging for "Claim Day" 

Write Name and Address on TagsHistorically in the late summer or fall, there will be a "Claim Day" throughout the co-op grounds as a way for CTC to determine which outdoor items belong to individuals that no longer live at CTC/or are no longer desired by current CTC residents. CTC Maintenance will tag personal belongings in public spaces with a tie tag. Items that will be tagged include bikes, grills and toys near or on bike racks around one bedroom buildings and near the Phase IV buildings. No items directly behind two bedroom splits or phase IV will be tagged. 

If anything you own has a tag on it, go write your name and address on the tag and leave the tag on until the provided deadline (announced with event). If no tag is placed on any of your possessions at all within the claiming period, then your object is safe and will not be removed.