Resident Resources

Below are some useful resources to learn more about Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative. Some topics include PDF documents for more policy information. You must have Adobe 10.0 or higher to save the linked fillable PDF documents. You will find information on these topics:

  • Handbook Highlights
  • Household Change Notification
  • Informational Guides and Maps
  • CTC Governance

If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please call 651-646-7526.

Handbook Highlights

Below is a quick reference to major handbook policies. This is not a comprehensive list. View all policies and details of the CTC handbook.

Resident Handbook

It is a requirement of all CTC residents to read the CTC handbook. Please view the full handbook for all policies related to housing at CTC.

Resident Responsibilities   (member or non-member)

All residents are responsible to shovel their snow front and back areas, exchange their fire extinguisher annually and maintain their apartment flower beds.

Terms of Lease

Each lease requires a 60 day notice to vacate. Learn more about our full lease.


All rental information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section under rental information.


All utilities (electricity, water, natural gas) and internet service are factored in the monthly rent.

Credit Card Form

The credit card form can be filled out and emailed or handed in to the CTC front desk to pay monthly rent or security deposits.

Add Charges Form

The Add Charges Form can be used to register appliances, second car parking, and visitors.

Pre-Lease Deposit

The pre-lease deposit is used when paying a your security deposit to confirm your unit.

Appliance Registration

You are required to register large appliances such as air conditioners, dishwashers, deep freezers and mini refrigerators. To register these appliances, you can use the Add Charges Form and submit to the front desk.

Parking Registration and Policy

Each apartment is allowed one vehicle at no charge with a valid parking permit. All vehicles must be registered with the CTC office. There is a monthly second car parking charge for the additional parking space. All vehicles must be registered with the CTC office.

Move Out Information

If you are moving out of CTC, you must submit an Intent to Vacate at least 60 days prior to your move out date. For more move out details, you can view the move out materials and cleaning check list.


A Pet policy/Agreement must be completed and submitted to the front desk before obtaining a pet at CTC. The resident shall pay a onetime non-refundable pet approval fee of seventy-five dollars ($75) per apartment for the first pet.

Pest Control

All pest control problems should be reported to the CTC front desk. Pest Control Services come to CTC 3 times per month.

Household Change Notification

If you have any changes within your household, adding or deleting people including children and roommates, you must inform the CTC office in advance.

Household Changes

Please view the Policy for Roommate Changes or Household changes for more details. The below documents will need to be submitted during this process.


CTC residents are allowed to sublet their apartment for a maximum of 6 months with prior written approval.  Please view the sublease agreement.

Transferring Apartments

Specific policy rules do apply for residents who want to transfer to another apartment full policy and application can be found within the Transfer Application.

Informational Guides and Maps

United States Postal Service Mailbox

The USPS mailboxes are not handled by CTC. For more details, please view the USPS postal information provided.

General CTC Map

The CTC map will show you all address, parking, streets and general areas of the CTC property.

Green Action Map + Exercise Map

The Green Actions Map + Exercise map will show all amenities located on property including, but not limited to gardening, rain barrels, sand barrels, grills, playgrounds, exercise equipment and walking paths.

Recycling Guide

To review what materials can be recycled in our recycling dumpsters, view our recycling guide or the signs posted on the recycling dumpster.

Check out our video for some small reminders on our policy on Trash & Recycling at CTC. The proper disposal of our trash lets our community be more efficient with our time and money, as well as keep CTC a beautiful living environment! 

Community Center Rooms

The Community Center building has four rooms available for you to reserve and use. To reserve these spaces please visit the front desk, all reservations must be made in person. View floor plans of available community center rooms.

CTC Governance

Board of Directors

Visit the Board of Directors page to view the Current Directors, find the Director Application, monthly meeting minutes and financial reports.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation are the official registration of how the organization is structured.


The bylaws are the rules that govern Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative.

Management Agreement

The Management Agreement lays out the agreement between the University of Minnesota and CTC. You can also view the First Amendment to Management Agreement for eligibility and Maintenance Addendum.

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