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Sublet Agreement

Sublet Policy Overview

Subletting policy only permits sublease agreements with prior written approval by Management and all sublet eligibility requirements are met. Sublets are limited to a six-month period of time, must qualify according to CTC eligibility guidelines and must be approved in advance in writing by the Management office. Management may deny a sublet request made by a resident household that is not in compliance with the CTC lease or otherwise not in good standing at the Co-op. Management needs to know who is living at CTC; failure to obtain written approval of a sublet, and meet subletting requirements, is a lease violation and will be cause for eviction for everyone involved.

Resources and Requirements

1) Six Month Maximum

The maximum a subleassee can stay in one specific unit is six months. Therefore, if you and your subleassee plan on your subleassee staying longer than six months, you will need to undergo a “Roommate Change,” which is a different process we can explain for you if you contact the office.

2) Subleasee is U of M Eligible

The subleassee (or individual to move-in temporarily) must meet CTC’s eligibility requirements in their affiliation with the U of M. View comprehensive list of eligible statuses and job codes.

3) Application Documentation

To apply for a subletter, please provide the office with the Sublease Agreement form, along with all of the subleassee’s documentation: government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or a passport), a copy of their U card, and an acceptance letter from the University or current class registration list. Retrieve Sublease Agreement Form (download for electronically fillable format)

4) Approval Needed 14-Days in Advance

Your sublease application must be approved by the CTC office before the subleasee can move into your unit. Please allow provided a minimum of 14 days prior to move-in for your application to be approved by the CTC office.

5) Co-op Membership

If your household is a member of the co-op, your subleassee has the option to assume and perform the membership duties (such as periodic laundry room cleaning). Otherwise, the non-member monthly fee ($50) will be assessed to the household’s account.

Incurred Damages

Reminder: Subleassees are not responsible for any damage during their time in your unit. Additionally, CTC does not provide move-out inspections for when subleassees move out. Thus, there is a section on the Sublease Agreement form to indicate how any of the possible damages or expenses will be handled between the two of you.

Quick Links

Contact the Office

Feel free to contact the office for any and all of your questions, and we are happy to elaborate further on the CTC Sublease Agreement!