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Vehicle/Parking Registration

Full requirements and resources to register vehicles for validated parking at CTC - for residents, visitors, seasonal parking - as well as deregistration once no longer needed.

Parking at CTC

All vehicles need a valid and properly displayed permit - provided through CTC's Office upon registration - at all times and park in the respective, designated parking spaces at CTC. The information below is intended only for registration purposes. Review CTC's 'Vehicles at CTC' Policy - pertaining to speed limit, resident and visitor vehicles, towing and immobilization, snow removal/snow emergencies, and the Seasonal Paid Parking lot - in the CTC Resident Handbook (p. 23-26) prior to vehicle registration.

Topics Below:
  • Resident Vehicle Registration
    • Register First or Additional Vehicle
    • Registered Vehicle Information
    • Deregister First or Additional Vehicle
  • Visitor Vehicle Parking
  • Seasonal Paid Parking (for Residents)
    • Registration and Use
    • Deregister Seasonal Parking Permit

Resident Vehicle Registration

All vehicles always must be operable, display a valid parking permit, and park in the respective designated parking spaces. Residents can park one registered vehicle at CTC for free, then additional vehicles are welcome for an additional charge per month. To register resident vehicles, as well as ensure consistent and updated vehicle information, please see the following:

Register First or Additional Vehicle

For all (1-2+) resident vehicles:
  1. Complete Resident Information Form: Log into your RentCafe account > Resident Resources > Forms > Resident Information Form > download, complete, save, and submit to CTC's office.
  2. Submit Vehicle Verification: Residents must provide a copy of one of the acceptable documents listed below which includes the following, accompanying requirements in order to verify ownership of all registered vehicles at CTC.
    • Accepted Document Types:
      • Vehicle/Car Title
      • Auto Insurance Card/Contract
      • Leasing Contract
      • Vehicle Registration
    • Acceptable Documents Must:
      • List the resident's name as owner of the vehicle
      • State the vehicle description (make, model, year, color, and license plate + state registered)
      • The stated vehicle description must be consistent with the vehicle in pursuit of registration
For Additional (2+) Resident Vehicles Only:
  1. Complete Add Charges form:  A CTC household's first registered vehicle is free of charge, then monthly fees apply for any additional registered vehicles. Thus, if this is your household's second or third vehicle registered, you must submit an Add Charges form, in addition to the requirements above.
    • Monthly Fee: View the corresponding fee for Second/Additional (prorated by day of use/active registration) by logging into your RentCafe account > Resident Resources > Governance Documents > Fee Schedule.
    • Add Charges Form: Log into your RentCafe account > Resident Resources > Forms > Add Charges > Download, complete, save, and submit to CTC's office.
      • Enter name, address, and date
      • Check box for Second Vehicle
        • Please leave the Parking Permit # field blank. Our office will enter the permit number in conjunction with filing your other supplementary documents.
      • Enter start date and your activation signature
        • Please leave the end date and cancellation signature blank. When you wish to cancel the additional service, as no longer in use and removed as applicable, please notify our office to provide an end date and cancel the monthly charges.

Registered Vehicle Information

  • Always properly display your provided parking permit on your rearview mirror or dashboard when on CTC grounds.
  • If your household has multiple vehicles registered, match the vehicle description with respective permit provided 
  • Notify the office of any changes to vehicle description and/or license plate
  • Check your current vehicle description, license plate, and parking permit number: Log into your RentCafe account > Profile > Vehicle Description (permit number is listed with vehicle's color)

Deregister First or Additional Vehicle

To cancel the use and charges for additional/second vehicles registered, please notify the office and return the respective permit. The office will cease and adjust the monthly parking fee once the permit is returned to CTC’s office, prorated to the day it was received by the office.

Methods for Permit Return:

For all return method options, please indicate the permit's corresponding CTC address, such as placing it inside a labeled envelope.

  • Submit in After-Hours Dropbox: Our external dropbox is located outside between the two building entrances near the Ward 9 playground, which is available 24 hours/7 days a week. There is also a dropbox located inside the Community Center building on CTC’s office window near the stairs, accessible when the building is open per CTC and CCCC business hours.
  • Submit In-Office: Return the parking permit in CTC’s office during business hours.
  • Mail to CTC Office: Mail the permit to our office, addressed to CTC at 1250 Fifield Ave, Falcon Heights, MN 55108.

Visitor Parking

CTC residents’ visitors can park on property, free of charge, in the designated visitor parking spaces (signage posted throughout co-op) while visiting with the resident. All visitor vehicles need a valid and visible visitor parking permit for any amount of time parked at CTC. Residents can acquire Visitor Parking Permits for their visitors as needed, plus find detailed policy requirements, through their RentCafe account under 'Resident Resources.' 

Seasonal Paid Parking

CTC offers paid parking in the north lot to residents, near Ward 1 and Commonwealth Ave. This is a great, year-round option for those traveling for an extended amount of time, as they do not need to worry about moving your vehicle or getting towed, such as during emerging events like snow emergencies.

Registration + Use

Acquiring the Permit

Residents can inquire for a Seasonal Parking Permit with CTC in-office or via email. To receive the permit, you will need to fill out our Add Charges Form with your information, start date of use/charges, and your signature. We will also need the information of the vehicle you wish to park in the lot (make, model, year, color, state, license plate number). Once the form and vehicle information is submitted to our office, we will provide you with the permit.

  • Monthly Fee: View the corresponding fee for Seasonal Paid Parking (prorated by day of use/active registration) by logging into your RentCafe account > Resident Resources > Governance Documents > Fee Schedule.
  • Add Charges Form: Log into your RentCafe account > Resident Resources > Forms > Add Charges > Download, complete, save, and submit to CTC's office.
Parking in the Seasonal Lot: 

Within the dates your Seasonal Parking Permit is valid, you can park your registered vehicle in the Seasonal Parking Lot (in the north lot - near Ward 1 and Commonwealth Ave – designated by posted signs). Your Seasonal Parking Permit must be properly displayed on your registered vehicle's dashboard, in addition to your resident parking permit. 

Deregister Seasonal Paid Parking

Return Permit/Cancel Charge

Once you no longer need the permit, please remove your vehicle from the lot and return the permit to our office to cease the monthly charge. See greater detail in the section above "Deregister First or Additional Vehicle."

Contact the Office

Feel free to contact the office for any and all of your questions, and we are happy to elaborate further on our co-op's parking policies and processes!