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Community Room Reservations

Residents can reserve rooms in the Community Center for private meetings and events - plus, it's free of charge! Complete your reservation request with CTC's office at least three days in advance of your desired reservation.

Available Rooms

Any CTC resident can reserve space as long as the space and time is available and permits. There are four rooms available in the Community Center (1250 Fifield Ave) for reservation: Meeting Room, Upstairs Room, Playroom, and Kitchen. For bigger events, these rooms can also be rented in multiples for the same event!

Room options at CTC Community Center

Meeting Room (1st floor)

The Meeting Room serves as a private conference room, including tables, chairs, a fridge, and recently renovated outdoor patio area.

COVID-19 Update

In partnership with CCCC, the Meeting Room is not available for reservations until further notice.

UPSTAIRS ROOM (2nd floor)

The Upstairs Room is our largest and most versatile event room, which can be used as a banquet or dance hall, or a sizable conference room. This room featuring tables, chairs, audio visual equipment.

Playroom (2nd floor)

The Playroom contains a play area with plenty of toys for a variety of ages.

KITCHEN (2nd floor)

The Kitchen offers an option for sink, fridge, stove top and oven, with tables and chairs.

COVID-19 Update

The three rooms on the second floor (Upstairs Room, Playroom, and Kitchen) are available for private reservations -- limiting a single reservation per day -- starting November 1, 2021.

View Community Room Floor Plans

Make a Reservation

To get started, here are a few details of the Room Reservation policy:

  • Submit a room reservation request form to the office, either via email or in-office (see office hours). 
    • The reservation request must be submitted with at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled event.
    • The indicated "Start Time" and "End Time" on the form reflects the entire amount of time that you will have access to the room/s. Thus, ensure to designate an earlier or later time to allow time to set-up before or clean-up after your event.
    • Submitting the form is a request, not a guarantee. If the room/s are available at your desired time, then CTC's office will confirm your reservation via email.

COVID-19 Update (March 28, 2022):

1) Accepting only one private reservation in the building for the entire day. In which, the single resident with a reservation on that day can book any or all three rooms located on the second floor (Upstairs Room, Playroom, and Kitchen).

  • No reservations before 6:30 pm on weekdays.
  • Note: While your reservation will be the only in the building that day, your desired room/s (minimum 1; maximum 3) and reservation start/end time must be confirmed with the office ahead of time for proper key arrangements.
  • The combined, maximum occupancy for the second floor (the Upstairs Room, Playroom, and Kitchen) is 49 per building fire code. Yet, refer to CDC recommendation for group size and distancing.

2) Wearing a face mask is now optional in community rooms and common areas (hallways, stairwell, bathrooms)

  • Reservation cancellations within 24 hours of the event will incur a $10 late cancellation fee.
  • Keys for room reservations are due back the following business day after the event. Keys that are not returned the next business day or are lost are subject to a $40 fee. It is recommended to return the keys immediately after the reservation ends, while still in the building.
  • Any room that sustains damage or is not cleaned up during a reservation can result in a resident being assessed damages and clean-up costs
  • The resident who placed the reservation must be present at the event, and all children must be supervised throughout the entirety of the reservation.
  • Full guidelines on the Room Reservation Request form.


Contact the Office

If you have an event coming up and are interested in utilizing the reservation service, please visit the CTC front desk and we can get you started!