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Heating Season Guidelines

Please note the following items to maximize heat and safety during the heating season, officially starting [date pending]. Remove all AC units from windows and cancel with CTC's office by October 15.

Apartment Heat

Heat Activation

Temperature + Adjusting Thermostats

Temperature Range: 68-72° F / 20-22.2° C

Adjust Your Thermostat


Heating + Safety Guidelines

Close Doors + Windows

No Space Heaters

Electric space heaters are prohibited in units at CTC due to fire risk, and it is a lease violation to have one in your unit. Additionally, electric space heaters can interfere with thermostat-controlled heating. Do not use a space heater under any circumstances.

Do Not Block Radiators

Keep furniture, bedding, and drapery away from the radiation units as much possible, and especially do not cover the radiator with any materials. You will get the most heat from a free-flowing radiator. 

Monitor Humidity 

Immediately Report Heat Issues

If your apartment's temperature seems to be out of range (68-72° F / 20-22.2° C), or you are experiencing a heat issue, please report to the office:

Emergency Heat Issues
  • No heat/cold apartment temperature below 68° F (20° C) is of critical priority to our maintenance team; call 651-646-7526 for immediate support both during and after business hours.
Non-Emergency Heat Maintenance
  • If temperatures continuously stay above 68° F (20° C), place a maintenance request for a technician to check on the issue within the following business day.
Reminder: In the event of any ‘critical’ or emergency situation (i.e. water leak, lack of proper heating, smell of gas/smoke, etc.), call 651-646-7526 for immediate support from CTC’s Maintenance Team during and after-hours.

Notify Office of Extended Home Absence

Please email the office, providing your address and dates all household members will be gone, if you plan to leave your apartment during the heating season for more than 5 days so we can take the proper precautions in your absence. View all 5+ day absence reminders in our Winter Newsletter (2023).

Additional Seasonal Resource

Find full winter reminders and responsibilities via our Winter Newsletter (2023).

Cancel ACs + Close Windows by Oct. 15

Remove and Discontinue by OCT. 15, 2023 (MANDATORY)

Residents must remove all air conditioners (ACs) and discontinued from use by October 15, at the latest, in correspondence with the community-wide heat turning on for the colder months.