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State Fair Patrol Sign-up

Sign-up for a shift to volunteer, keeping our grounds safe and clean for the MN State Fair, in exchange for free fair tickets! Volunteer sign-up will open August 11, 2022.
Update (August 23, 2022)

Now accepting 2 shifts per household! 

Join the CTC State Fair Patrol Team!

Just down the road, the Minnesota State Fair will bring all sorts of life, food, and entertainment to our backyard August 25 - September 5, 2022. As Minnesota hosts the second largest state fair in the nation, we ask for community volunteers in keeping our co-op grounds safe and clean over the 12 day event. Our volunteer team will receive free tickets to the State Fair in exchange for their service in maintaining our peaceful sanctuary. The volunteer sign-up will take place online beginning August 11, with more essential details below!

Important Details:

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Grounds Patrol Position


You and another volunteer will monitor the grounds, ensuring our community is clean and safe. You will walk around and report any criminal activity or illegally parked cars to the dispatcher via personal cell phone. 


2.5 hour shift (option between 6-8:30 pm or 8:30-11 pm) with two patrol officers per shift
48 total patrol shifts


One free MN State Fair ticket (redeemable for any day of the fair)

Dispatcher Position


There is one dispatcher a night that serves for a 5 hour shift (6:00-11:00 pm). You will help organize and manage the volunteers, as well as have the responsibility of reporting criminal activity or illegally parked/not validated cars. You will receive a packet of information for your shift with the resources and responsibilities clearly laid out. 


5 hour shift (6:00-11:00 pm) with one dispatcher per night
12 total dispatcher shifts


Two free MN State Fair tickets (redeemable for any day of the fair)

Volunteer Sign-Up

1) Click here to see our sign-up (available here on August 11!)

2) Review the options listed and choose the 1 spot you want.

3) Sign up! It's easy and no account registration necessary

4) Link will not be active until August 11, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.


Thank you for your collective efforts in our strides in bettering our community! Please let us know if you have any questions at