Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force

Did you know that CTC residents pay the cost of landscaping in their rent? CTC has a contract with the University of Minnesota Land Care who manages our landscaping. The CTC Landscape and Environmental Design (LED) Task Force Committee has been working to reduce the current annual budget of $112,000 that CTC residents pay for lawn care and weed control. 
The LED Task force focuses on examining the potential of alternative methods for weed control which would lead to naturalized beautification, low cost maintenance, and a drastic reduction in chemical-based pesticide use.  We need residents' help to ensure that we can achieve our goal of reducing our landscaping costs which would contribute to keeping future rents low!  Learn more about our project here.
Here is how you and your neighbors can provide support:

  • Get a sign from the office which requests that no pesticides are used on your section of lawn. You can place one in the front and one in the back of your house. 
  • Come to an LED committee meeting to learn more and share your concerns and ideas. Contact to get on our e-mail list and learn about upcoming meetings. No expertise in landscaping is required! Anybody who is interested is welcome to join a meeting.
  • Check out the LED chemical-free lawn pilot sites (located near the CTC office), which were not treated with pesticides this spring and the interior lawn of Ward 9, which has not been treated with pesticides since 2013.
  • Voice any concerns about current landscaping practices and share your ideas for making changes if you cannot attend a meeting. Contact
  • Become a LED Weed Team Volunteer

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 11 @ 5 pm in the CTC Community Center Fireplace Room. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Phone: 651-646-7526
Fax: 651-646-3319