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Help Cut Landscaping Costs

Help Cut Landscaping Costs: Reduce the CTC Budget and Keep Future Rents Low

Did you know that CTC residents pay the cost of landscaping in their rent? CTC has a contract with the University of Minnesota Land Care who manages our landscaping. CTC Management Team and Board of Directors formulated an ad hoc Landscape and Environmental Design (LED) Task Force Committee, in purpose of answering the call to action of residents’ concerns about the current landscaping practices. The LED Task force focuses on examining the use of alternative methodologies to naturalized beatification, low cost maintenance and drastic reduction in necessity of chemical based herbicide and pesticide use.

The Costs of Land Care

The co-op budgetary costs of annual lawn care (including chemicals, labor for mowing and weed control applications, etc.), fluctuates based on needs and allocated with an $112,000 historic cost base.

Collectively we can reduce this budgetary strain to help sustain lower rental rates.

LED Task Force Financial Impact Goal

Our goal is to cut down 20% of land care costs over a 2 year period, savings of over $22,000, assisting in the reduction of per unit costs of nearly $50.

What are some ideas for cutting costs?

To learn in more depth about what the LED Task Force is evaluating, watch for our resource landing page 

How can I support this initiative?