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Conserve Water at Home

The co-op is seeing is an abnormal jump in community water usage compared to previous years at this time. Plus, while Minnesota is currently experiencing an ongoing drought, it is especially important to be mindful of water consumption.

Spike in Community Water Use

CTC reports a significant increase in our water consumption in the last month, up 23%.  Additionally, with the start of summer and people are using hoses, filling kiddie pools and having fun outside, this could increase even more; thus, your help is needed to help manage low utilities to avoid rent increases in the future.* 

*Numerous utilities - including water - are provided in residents' flat monthly rental rates. While the co-op covers these bills, there is still the personal incentive for residents to conserve water (and electricity) to maintain low operational costs for the co-op, and - in turn - low rental rates for residents.

Our maintenance team has checked all waterspouts and other areas of possible leakage to confirm there is not wasted water from these areas. The Management Team has integrated low flow shower heads and a other cost saving techniques for plumbing and continues to monitor best practices.

We Need Your Help!

Wasted Water = Wasted Money