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Board Letter and Resolution

Seeking Clarity & Collaboration: CTC's Board request for meeting with University representatives regarding fiscal changes, including a 6% increase in payments to the University of Minnesota.

Dear CTC Community,

As stewards of our cooperative community, maintaining open communication channels and working collaboratively to address issues that impact us all are important principles we uphold.

Recent fiscal changes have prompted us to take action. We've observed a notable 6% increase in payments to the University of Minnesota, with significant implications for our residents' well-being. In response, we've initiated dialogue with the University's Housing and Residential Life department to seek clarity and understanding.

To address these challenges cohesively, the Board of Directors has formally requested a meeting with University representatives. This meeting aims to foster transparency and cooperation, with the objective of finding viable solutions to mitigate the impact of these fiscal changes.

We value community involvement and transparency, which is why we're pleased to announce that the meeting will be open to all members of the CTC community who wish to attend, subject to space and logistical considerations.

For further details and context, please find attached the Resolution outlining the meeting's objectives and the full Board's Letter to the Community.

We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way and will provide updates as soon as further details become available.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in our cooperative community. Together, we can navigate these challenges and ensure a prosperous future for all.


CTC Board of Directors
Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative (CTC)


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