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CTC Board: April Update

Our co-op announces a Virtual Annual Meeting in May (member-required), the launch of the Security Camera Pilot Program, plus COVID-19 updates and resources.

Greetings Everyone,

It has been a privilege for us to represent you for the term 2019-2020. This year is the 50th anniversary of our co-op. It is also time for our annual meeting. Challenges bring in novel opportunities to be creative. The unprecedented and extraordinary challenge brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic has made us convene and welcome everyone in our community to a virtual annual meeting. More details below regarding the Virtual Annual Meeting, as well as Surveillance Cameras and COVID-19 updates, below.

Thank you!Chalk sign saying we will get through this together on a brick wall. Written during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

First and foremost, we greatly appreciate the efforts of the members on the board, the various subcommittee’s, the ward representatives and the CTC management in collective for their unyielding support, involvement, dedication, and commitment towards organizing various community events and in developing and implementing new policies or changing existing policies for the betterment of the community. Thank you all. 

The board also appreciates the efforts of all community members for your active participation in the events we organized. We urge you to show up in the future, even if it’s just for a single event. As a scholarly community, you all have been also very receptive and supportive of the proactive measures we recommended to support the global fight against COVID-19. Thank you, everyone, and please continue to do so until we have it won solidly.

Virtual Annual Meeting

May 27 @ 6:30 pm | Member-Required Event

CTC's Annual Meeting will take place online via Zoom on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Just like the in-person meeting, it is mandatory; we need members to vote on objectives crucial to the functioning of the co-op. More info.

Voting, Prizes, and Q/A Session

The link for the meeting will be sent out a week prior to meeting, as well as “early voting” options for the upcoming Board of Directors election. Be sure to vote - one vote via the primary email address of your household - and you will be entered in a drawing to win one of eight prizes, including rent or laundry credit, or a VISA gift card! There will be time for Community Voices at the end of the meeting. 

Co-op Security Cameras Security Camera Floodlight Example

Pilot Program In-Progress

The University of Minnesota Capital Improvement project approved in Sept. 2019 for security surveillance cameras has officially started it’s pilot program this month. Within this pilot program, the University Security Services is installing and testing the most promising potential camera model. Security Services will update us with the results from this pilot program. The members of co-op will benefit from these initiatives starting in 2020-2021.

Favorable Option in Testing: Solar-Powered Camera Floodlights (general example depicted).

COVID-19 Updates

Obstacles + Vital Adjustments

We held the first Board meeting on March 25th using Zoom, an online webinar. The meeting's main discussion was the response and community support to COVID- 19. It is evident - and largely inevitable - that we are experiencing big challenges now and in the upcoming months, at least.

CTC Playground Closed with Caution Tape
In addition to other precautions, the Board requested CTC Management to temporarily close all playgrounds used by kids and adults - such as the slides, swings, chairs and gymnastics tools outside.

CTC residents are staying home with their kids 24/7, impelling us all to become increasingly creative and innovative in the balance of work, study, spending time with family. We remind everyone of the importance to continue social distancing when meeting neighbors, as well as to avoid playgrounds and other public facilities to minimize any risk in getting sick. These precautions are crucial, as the virus can stay on surfaces for days and the disease's symptoms may be mild/not obvious on many infected people, yet those infected still carry and transmit the virus within a 14 day period. Board members are confident that all neighbors are on the same page of awareness. 

Disinfectant Spray BottleIf a neighbor needs to use shovels, racks, open public area, pressing to charge your laundry card, doing laundry, etc., please disinfect before and after using the shared utility. Gloves, wipes and disinfect solutions are available in the laundry room to be used in the laundry rooms only.

COVID-19 Resource Page

Management issued updates regularly and it is highly recommended to read and follow the instructions listed on the Response to COVID-19 web page. The page additionally offers a multitude of resources from Management, the University, and orders issued by Governor Waltz.  

Moving Forward

We need to stay healthy and maintain social distancing and support each other. Management will be looking into supporting the community and we need to work together to come out from this crisis soon. Looking into the bright side will always help. We are learning new things and staying more with our families. Smile and pray that this will be away soon.


Amer Al-Homoud, Board Chair

Tamara Walsky, Board Representative