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T-Shirt Design Contest

In honor of CTC turning 50 this year, we're hosting a community t-shirt contest! All are encouraged to contribute artwork by April 1st, in which the community-elected design will be printed onto t-shirts! 
Previous CTC T-Shirt Design Submissions
Mock-up examples from a previous t-shirt contest celebrating our co-op's 40-year anniversary

50 Years Long and Strong!

Beginning in 1970, CTC's was established from our residents' determination, innovation, and the power of like-minded individuals asserting that the community could be more economically managed by its residents, as prompted by numerous rent increases and tenant dissatisfaction with University management.

Now 50 years later, CTC has stayed true in providing a quality, affordable housing option, as well as a peaceful work environment filled with vast green spaces and a family-friendly orientation. Our community continuously drives our co-op through collaboration, ingenuity, and leadership, while ceaselessly growing CTC into the vibrant, all-inclusive hub of diverse cultures, ages, studies, and backgrounds it is today.

In celebration of our community's monumental anniversary, we're hosting our fourth T-Shirt Design Contest, where all ages are welcome to contribute artwork, then the community-elected design will be printed onto t-shirts for pre-order.​​

T-Shirt Contest - Previous Example Submissions (1))

​T-Shirt Contest Entry Rules:


The elected winner will receive a $100 rent voucher and a printed t-shirt of their design!

Community Vote

All residents will vote at Annual Member Meeting on April 21st. If not attending the Annual Meeting, please use a voting ballot in office between April 6-20th. 

All t-shirt design submissions will be displayed in the Community Center Meeting Room (1st floor), along with images posted on our Facebook in an album titled “2020 T-Shirt Entries.” We’ll announce the winner on April 22nd via email, along with the option to purchase a t-shirt via the pre-order sale.  

Order CTC's 50th Anniversary T-Shirt

We will place only one order for our elected t-shirt design – so don’t miss out! Pre-order a t-shirt through CTC’s office from April 22nd through May 13th. CTC will email you on April 22nd with the winning design and pre-order information, in which you can place your order electronically or in the office. Payment of t-shirts can be by check or charged to rental account, then pick shirt up in the office or at our 50th Anniversary Party in June!

T-Shirt Contest - Previous Example Submissions (2)