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Lunar New Year Event Planning

We need your help in planning CTC's Lunar New Year Celebration, scheduled for January 19th! 

Photo Collage - CTC Lunar New Year 2019

Event Planning + Volunteers

Friday, Dec. 27th / 5:30-7 pm / Meeting Room

In 2020, the Lunar New Year begins on January 25 and marks the beginning of the Year of the Rat. Our community will celebrate the occasion the weekend prior on Sunday, January 19th from 4:30-10 pm with various festivities throughout the Community Center. View CTC Lunar New Year Celebration 2020 details.

Last year, we made dumplings, engaged in crafts, ate a delicious potluck meal, played games and sang karaoke! We're thinking of cooking up something similar for 2020, but we need your help!

As a group, we'll coordinate details ahead of time (what games should we play?), as well as make a plan for the decoration and facilitation the actual event (who can teach us to make dumplings!?).

All backgrounds and voices are welcome to contribute, making our celebration as special as possible! A Vietnamese dance, a Korean song, a Thai story, some Tibetan food? We want to learn how your culture celebrates the New Year, enriching the experience for all! We need more cultures to participate, otherwise it may only represent our current volunteers and, thus, Chinese culture.

If you aren't able to attend, please contact Lindy at and we can connect you with the meeting's key points, as well as volunteer opportunities you're if interested!

Want to perform, volunteer, or contribute any ideas or activities? Attend the Event Planning Meeting or email us!

Origami Rat and Paper Lantern Craft
Join us for Lunar New Year Crafts!

Saturday, Jan. 11 / 11 am-1 pm / Meeting Room

In preparation of the celebration, we're hosting a craft event to create paper lanterns and origami rats! We'll then use our creations to decorate the celebration the following week (you are also welcome to bring some home!). The crafting activities are easy to make, in which we welcome all skill levels and ages! 

Have any other craft ideas or want to help volunteer? Attend the Community Event Planning or email us!