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Community Breakfast: Sustainability + Social Gathering

Connect with neighbors over warm beverages and snacks while exploring sustainability initiatives. CTC and IonE invite you to join our second special community event.

This event is organized by the UMN Institute on the Environment (IonE) in partnership with CTC. 

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet and connect with your neighbors in CTC? Do you want to do something cool for your community? Join us on Saturday, March 16, to learn more about it and connect over some warm beverages and snacks!

Breakfast begins at 10:00 am. Food will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Shortly afterward, we'll connect and engage with the event hosts at our project stations about different sustainability initiatives at CTC!

Additionally, we'll be hosting a recycling challenge competition! Bring as much of the plastic we are recycling for the challenge, and the household that brings the most will receive a $20 gift card!

Event Details: 
Special Bonus: Recycling Challenge Competition

Bring your household’s soft plastic recycling to participate in CTC’s ongoing recycling challenge! The household that brings the largest amount of soft plastic on Saturday will receive a gift card of $20. View accepted plastics here.


RSVP using this form! (RSVP is not required to attend, but it helps us plan for food).

About Institute on the Environment (IonE) from UMN

The UMN Institute on the Environment (IonE)  is collaborating with our co-op to enhance opportunities for interconnectedness and community, with on-going events and initiatives to inspire awe and new ways to learn, grow, and connect. Learn more about our exciting partnership and initiatives here.

Start your own group or event —it's easy, and we're here to help!

This event, like the majority of CTC's events and groups, is made possible by one or more resident volunteers. 

Do you have an idea of an activity or event for our community? Or want to teach or learn a new skill or hobby or aspect of life? Do you want to help volunteer to bring your or other's ideas into fruition? Email CTC's Office and/or join CTC's Programs Committee at our next meeting to brainstorm and discuss ideas!