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Annual Member Meeting 2023

Member-Required: Join our Board of Directors for a live Zoom Meeting on March 23 at 6:30 pm! Together, we'll reminisce on our previous fiscal year, connect with neighbors' ideas, and launch another successful co-op year!

March 23 @ 6:30 pm | Member-Required Event 

CTC's annual meeting will take place online via Zoom on Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 6:30 pm. Just like the in-person meeting, attendance is mandatory; we need members to vote on objectives crucial to the functioning of the co-op. How to join a Zoom meeting.

2023 MEETING AGENDA (FY21-22):

Purpose of Annual Meeting

Recap on Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Our Annual Member Meeting is a special event that brings together our three intersection co-op cultures – board, management, and co-op members – to celebrate our past fiscal year, July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. The meeting will review a financial summary and the changes and accomplishments of the fiscal year.

Democratic Member Control

Submit Community Voices: This event can be considered the primary opportunity for co-op members to connect with other members, hear directly from the Board and Management Team, and provide input on co-op issues.

Community Voices

Share Feedback for a Personal Response

Submit questions, concerns, or compliments for the Board of Directors to discuss during the meeting! Please submit inquiries by the day prior to the meeting (March 22 by 11:59 pm) to be included in the meeting's final agenda item: Community Voices! We will do our best to address as many topics possible; yet, we may need to consolidate themes and/or email direct responses depending on time, as well as if the subject is unrelated to the Annual Meeting.

Note: Members must submit all 'Community Voices,' if any, prior to the meeting due to the formatting of the Q&A discussion this year.

Submit Community Voices
We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, concerns or problems for CTC's Board of Directors to discuss at the upcoming Annual Member Meeting. Submit feedback here prior to the meeting.

We Love Hearing from You - Always!

Beyond the meeting, our co-op welcomes Community Voices year-round! CTC's Management and Board review all submissions for discussion and evaluation at the upcoming monthly board meeting. So don't hold back: your ideas and feedback contribute to the better representation of the community and, in turn, enriches the co-op for present and future generations! More on Community Voices.

Coming Soon: Board of Directors Election

Elect New Board Members in May 2023

Every spring, co-op members elect new board members for two-year terms. Each membership household will place one vote to elect up to four candidates who best reflect their values and visions for the co-op. The member-elected candidates will then join our four standing board members to represent our community in overall governance.

Four Open Seats for 2023-2025 Term

Joining our Board of Directors is a remarkable opportunity to serve and enhance your community with exemplary leadership. All co-op members aspiring to positively impact in our community are encouraged to apply to CTC's Board! Apply by March 13, 2023, for the upcoming election.

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Access Materials from Annual Meeting


Find the meeting’s video, Annual Report, and financial audit by logging into your RentCafe account then click Resident Resources > Governance.