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Ward 4 Playground Construction

Upcoming demolition, prep work, and new construction of the Ward 4 Playground for Summer 2023-Fall 2023. Refer to details below for work schedule and community announcements.

Topic Overview:


The new CTC playground in Ward 4 is scheduled for installation this summer, beginning with the demolition of the existing structure. Construction is expected to last August-September 2023.*

*Dates are subject to change. Any updates will be reflected in the schedule above.

Worksite Hours:

Construction should be contained between 8:00 am-6:00 pm to minimize disturbances to the community.

Do Not Enter Worksite


Safety Hazard

We must prevent unauthorized persons, such as playing children or curious spectators, from entering the construction site. They can run all kinds of risks, such as falling into holes or pits, getting trapped or hurt, or worse. There will be a fence to discourage unauthorized persons from entering the worksite, yet it is your responsibility that you and all household members do not enter the worksite or touch any machinery or materials, as well as understand and respect the dangers there. 

Reminder: Adult Supervision is Always Required

Safety always comes first. That's why children should never be left unsupervised on CTC grounds to ensure their safety and follow community guidelines. 

​Damages to New Construction

There will be parts or times during the project when there won't be much site activity while concrete, and more importantly the poured in place surface, cures. The materials being used are extremely sensitive until fully cured. Site needs to remain free of activity to allow the project to continue on schedule.

Setbacks to Budget and Schedule

Damages from unauthorized persons entering the worksite, whether intentional or unintentional, is a problem that can affect productivity and drain resources, costing the project more time and money to complete. 


Other Playgrounds Available at CTC

CTC has nine other playgrounds located throughout the grounds (see map). Try out a new one while the Ward 4 Playground is under construction!

Construction sites are not playgrounds (not yet, in this case, anyway). We encourage everyone to enjoy CTC's many beautiful parks and playgrounds and leave the constructions sites to trained workers.