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Street Sweeping

Trucks will sweep all the streets from curb to curb from May 23-25. Avoid being towed by following the guidelines below.

Street Sweeping Schedule

Street sweeping helps keep our community clean and livable, and protects our waterways.

Street Sweeping (curb to curb) will take place this spring, with each day assigned a designated zone that vehicles cannot park in. All residents and visitor vehicles cannot park in the designated zones between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm on the respective street sweeping day.

Tuesday, May 23 Zone 1 North/Seasonal Lot, Knapp Ave, Fifield Ave, Fifield Place
Wednesday, May 24 Zone 2 Ray Place, Gibbs Ave
Thursday, May 25 Zone 3 Raleigh Street, South Fifield, Southeast Lot

Parking Requirements

All vehicles parked in the in zones on assigned sweeping days - or in violation of CTC’s parking policy - will be towed without warning at the owner's expense.

Avoid any chance of getting towed by parking in the appropriate designated spaces, updating any changes in your car information with the office*, and properly displaying your parking permit at all times.

*Check what vehicle information is currently on file via your RentCafe account > Profile > Vehicle Information

Tow Risk at Owner's Expense

No Parking in Zones 7:00 am-3:00 pm

Vehicles parked in zones on assigned sweeping days will be towed, including resident, visitor, and unidentified vehicles. 

Resident vehicles with proper registration and a valid, visible parking permit will be towed to the North/Seasonal Lot and charged $81.08 to their resident account. 

Visitor Vehicles and Unidentified Vehicles: All non-resident vehicles — visitor vehicles, improperly registered/identified resident vehicles, or unidentifiable vehicles — will be towed to Cedar Towing and must pay the towing company their associated fees. 

Note: As of Spring 2023, CTC contracts a new towing company, Cedar Towing & Auction (formerly Budget Towing). 

Parking Reminders