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New Parking Policy (Nov. 2014)

Effective November 1, 2014

Parking Spaces
1.    Residents WILL NOT be required to shovel parking spaces (front/back sidewalks and one bedroom stairs will still be required to be shoveled)
2.    First car parking will be open on a first come first serve basis in areas not designated for Visitor or Second car.
3.    Second car parking will be located in designated areas throughout property for second car spaces at an additional $30 per month charge.
4.    Households with second car parking will be allowed to interchange their parking tags between vehicles to allow for either vehicle to park in first car spaces or the designated second car space.
5.    Second cars can park in any of the designated second car areas throughout CTC with the appropriate (BLUE) second car parking tag.
6.    Visitor parking will be designated spaces throughout property within the same general areas as the second car parking spaces.
*See map of designated second car and visitor locations
Parking Permit Tags
1.    First car tags (RED) for use in general parking.
2.    Second car tags (BLUE) for use in any designated second car area locations
3.    All tags must be properly displayed in vehicle window (hung from rearview mirror) when parked on property at all times.
4.    Please be ADVISED of MN State law statute requires the permits must be removed from windshield when the vehicle is in motion.
5.    Visitors must have valid visitor tag properly hung from rearview mirror.
6.    Vehicles without tags are subject to ticket, tow or vehicle immobilization.
7.    Parking tag replacement fee is $100 (lost, misused or not returned at move-out).

Snow Removal
1.    Residents WILL NOT be required to shovel parking spaces (front/back sidewalks and one bedroom stairs will still be required to be shoveled)
2.    Land care will continue to remove all snow and sand and salt sidewalks as they have been doing.  Additional Sand barrels will be available throughout CTC for the use of residents when unusually slippery spots are found. See map
3.    Predetermined snow clearance amounts for parking spaces and snow emergencies will be set with advisement of Land Care.
4.    Land Care will clear snow in empty spaces when the predetermined snow accumulation has been reached or requested by CTC Management.
5.    Vehicles parked for long periods with piles of snow will be cleared around (these vehicles will be expected to move for all declared snow emergencies).
6.    All snow emergencies will be declared 2-3 (see map) days in advance and will not coincide with the City snow emergencies to allow for residents to use street parking during the snow CTC emergency.
7.    All cars will be expected to move during all snow emergencies. All vehicles not moved will be towed.
*See map of snow emergency plan options