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Maintenance Corner

Winter Survival Tips
Here are some helpful tips for the upcoming MN winter weather Read more

In your apartment

Temperature Control & Tips for Staying Warm
Close windows and storm doors
Close storm door insert(s)
Standard temperature maintained in the unit is between 68-72 degrees (F), 20-22.22 degrees (C)
Move furniture away from radiators to allow heat flow
Place rug in front of entrance doors to reduce draft
Raise blinds/curtains during the day to allow warmth of sunlight inside
Make sure bathroom exhaust fan is working properly. Keep humidity levels below 40%
Avoid leaving storm doors open
Put on extra layers of clothing

1. Check the weather before you head out. There are several websites, TV stations, and smartphone apps where you can do this. Check how cold is it going to be. Is it going to rain or snow? What's the wind condition?

2. Think what you will be doing outside. Are you walking to school? Maybe walking/driving to the grocery store? Waiting for a bus? Or perhaps you will be playing out in the snow. This will help you take precautions on what to wear, and what to bring (beverages, glasses, umbrella, etc).

3. Dress appropriately, & in layers. A good, thick jacket, wool cap are must! Long socks, ear muffs, and gloves are essential to keep your extremities warm. Investing in a good pair of thermal undergarments is also a sound idea. Wearing clothes made out of fleece is highly recommended if you’ll be outside for a long time (such as while waiting for a bus, or making snowman, etc).

4. Bring warm foods and beverages. Carry a thermos full of hot coffee, tea, milk, or soup. Warm food will keep you warm, and keep your strength and spirit up!

5. Lastly, prepare for all conditions by investing in ‘accessory’ items such as a good pair of boots that can grip while walking on snow, raincoat or umbrellas, and sun glasses.

24 hours maintenance emergency dial 651-646-7526
for a live operator follow the voice prompts

If something looks suspicious call
University Police 612-624-2677(COPS) or dial 911
Be aware of your surroundings

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