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Resident Reaction and Response

Request for indoor bike storage:
I am a resident of CTC and have requested to the board of directors and  CTC management about indoor storage areas for our bikes. As you all know, in Minnesota our winters span around 5 months. During the cold, snow, ice cold temperatures that go way below freezing , keeping our bikes outside is not an option. Bikes left outside in this weather are subject to corrosion, and will definitely need expensive maintenance afterwards to get them back in a condition to be used. Bikes are a huge part of every Minnesotans life when the weather is nice and there are even the few brave soles that use their bike year round. I use mine to commute to work and classes every day, however, I don’t use my bike to commute or for leisure once it starts snowing or raining heavily. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and storage space is limited. There is no storage space for our bikes inside our apartments and leaving them outside is not an option.

CTC management then responded back that having available bike storage this winter season would not be possible. They considered locker purchases, large storage purchases and individual hangers in the cove of each one bedroom along with vacant buildings and unit storage. However, none of the items, for various reasons, seemed workable for this season. 

CTC management, however, is considering bike storage as an option for the future if the University replaces some of the utility buildings (taken down this year) with Tough Sheds.
I personally ended up paying one of my friends to store my bike in her garage over the winter. Hopefully, bike storage can be established as new plans emerge at CTC. Until then, the U of M does have  secure bike parking information listed on their Parking & Transportation website