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Outdoor Fitness at CTC

Five types of exercise equipment have been installed in a loop around the CTC community. They have been specifically chosen to provide workout for different areas of the body. And what’s more? For the convenience of families these equipment have been set-up close to kids’ play areas.

Summer is here! Wouldn’t it be great to have some fun outdoor activities for adults just as we do for the kids? Keeping this in mind, the CTC board of directors and staff has come up with a plan of having a range of outdoor exercise equipment. Let’s explore the fun of staying out and starting a fitness routine.

Click HERE to check out the PDF map or check out the maps located in the CTC laundry rooms and office to find out the locations where these equipment have been installed. Also, make sure to read up the instructions before use.

We hope you make full use of this fitness equipment in your everyday workout routine. Let us all work together in making CTC a healthy community!

Hina Mittal
Board of Directors