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Newly expanded academic eligibility to live at CTC! Call our office at 651-646-7526 to learn more.

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New CTC Leases

Action Required by November 30, 2019 - Your current CTC lease will terminate on 11/30/19. Unless you e-sign a new lease on your RentCafe account, your tenancy will end and you must vacate on Nov. 30, 2019.

CTC's updated lease agreements are now available on RentCafe! Please read the provided legal letter explaining the new updated lease agreement, official notice of your current lease agreement’s termination date, and official deadline to sign for continued occupancy. The updated month-to-month lease, with a 60-day Notice Period, is available for signing on Rent Café with the same rental rate and schedule that has been in effect for your unit. Preview sample lease agreement.

All adult lease holders (ages 18+) are required to electronically sign the updated lease agreement to continue housing at CTC by November 30th, 2019. Each adult lease holder must have their own email and Rent Café portal sign in to complete the digital signature on the lease. No resident at CTC will be permitted to continue to occupy their unit unless they have signed the updated lease.

If you have already submitted an Intent to Vacate, this notification is not applicable.

Don't Wish to Renew your Lease? Please notify our Housing Coordinator, Sara, that you are not signing the updated lease and will move out November 30, 2019.

Household Changes/Errors

Leases are produced with all current adult lease holders and children living in your household that are on file. Thus, if you experienced a change in household composition from their original lease or notice any other errors, please contact the office before signing so that we can re-generate an accurate lease for you. This includes any household members have left, we need to remove them from the lease to update our system appropriately. Please contact the office to correct any and all household changes or errors!

E-Sign New Lease Now!

  1. Log into your Rent Café Portal
  2. View and sign the lease by selecting the menu option, "Sign Documents" (pencil icon), then the "Sign" button. 
  3. Verify information is correct before signing. If you see any errors in your lease, please contact the office before signing your lease so it can be updated and re-issued.
  4. Sign lease 
  5. Ensure all other adult lessees in your household sign on their personal account also!

Please feel free to contact Management with any questions 651-646-7526 or Copies of the new updated lease agreement are also available at CTC office. Thank you for your cooperation!