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Maintenance Corner

Halloween Pumpkin Disposal
Please be sure to dispose of rotting pumpkins
Halloween pumpkins belong in the compost bin or garbage dumpster

Drains, drains & more drains
The drainage system needs to be handled with care. Our drains cannot handle the disposal of garbage, diapers, toys,
tampons, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, or other such items
in the toilets, sinks or bathtubs. These items must be placed in the garbage.
“Flushable or disposable” wipes are NOT flushable or drain friendly. These cause major clogging of the system.
PLEASE do not put garbage, diapers, toys, tampons, sanitary napkins, baby wipes down the drains.  

Fall Pest Control Reminders
The house mouse is remarkably well-adapted for living year-round in homes, food establishments and other structures. Residents are especially likely to notice mice during winter, following their fall migration indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter. Once mice become established inside a home, they can be extremely difficult to control, especially when unreported.

*Preventive measures you can take
-Be sure to keep all doors closed
-Keep all grain foods (i.e. rice, cereal, bread) contained in plastic containers
-Be sure NOT to leave food out
-Maintain a clean household (i.e. sweep and mop floors regularly)
-Report sightings and traces of rodents to CTC Office for Pest Control treatment

Seasonal Window Policy Reminder  
Friendly reminder during the heating season, to keep windows closed.  
When fresh air is needed, open front door for a short time.  
Be sure not to leave windows open for long periods of time when temperature is below 32 degrees.
Your heating pipes will freeze causing leaks and you will be responsible for the repair costs.
Windows neglectfully left open will be subject to a $75 fine

24 hours maintenance emergency dial 651-646-7526
For a live operator follow the voice prompts
If something looks suspicious call
Dial 911
Be aware of your surroundings
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