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Newly expanded academic eligibility to live at CTC! Call our office at 651-646-7526 to learn more.

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Maintenance Corner

Heating & Open Windows
Be sure not to leave windows open for long periods of time during the heating season
This is a costly expense and causes strain on the boiler systems 
If your unit is excessively hot please report to CTC Office 651-646-7526 or
Any windows neglectfully left open will be subject to a $75 fine

Litter Pick-up around your Ward
Please help pick up litter around your ward area. With the melting of snow, the fall litter has begun to show. Please help out and pick up around your ward or as you walk through the property. Take pride in helping maintain the beautification of CTC grounds. If you need trash bags, feel free to stop in the Office or simply use a paper bag from a recent shopping trip. CTC Management Team and Land Care appreciate your help.
With recent unforeseen water leakage issues from a leaking toilet to burst pipe, it is highly recommended to make the investment in Renters Insurance. CTC is not liable for any resident’s personal belongings. This annual Renters Insurance coverage takes on the responsibility of replacement of any personal belongs damaged or lost.

All residents are encouraged to retain renter’s insurance for their personal property or any damage they may cause to the apartment through negligence. CTC is not responsible in any way for a tenant’s personal belongings. Renters insurance is a good investment to protect all of your personal belongings in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Garbage = (Black lid) emptied on Mondays and Thursdays Recycling = (Orange lid) emptied on Mondays
NO TRASH or PLASTIC BAGS in recycling containers NO large items (i.e. mattresses/box springs, electronics, furniture) in recycling containers
Contact CTC Office for pricing and pickup schedule of large item disposal 651-646-7526 or
The Recycling Guide can be found online under resident resources

24 hours maintenance emergency dial 651-646-7526
For a live operator follow the voice prompts

If something looks suspicious call
Dial 911
Be aware of your surroundings

Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative
1250 Fifield Street, Falcon Heights, MN 55108 - 651-646-7526
Office Hours: M-Th: 8AM-12PM, 1PM-4:30PM • Fr: 9AM-3:00PM