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Maintenace Corner

Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas trees can be disposed of BESIDE the garbage dumpsters.
Please place trees next to the closest garbage dumpster by Thursday 1/12
After Hours Maintenance Emergency Service
When calling the after-hours maintenance emergency service, please be advised this is a dispatch service. Simply state your emergency request, address and phone number for the dispatcher to relay to the Maintenance Tech. A CTC Maintenance Tech will contact you directly. At that point you can explain in detail your maintenance emergency to the Tech.

Winter Safety Info

Keep a winter emergency kit in your car
Drive slowly and carefully around property (10mph)
Shoveling is EVERYONE’s responsibility – front/back door sidewalks
Be aware of exposed skin in freezing conditions may cause “frostnips” frostbites
Do not use stove or oven to warm your unit – major risks of injuries/carbon monoxide poisoning.
(Contact Maintenance if you have heating/temperature concerns)
Winter Parking at CTC - Plan in advance for winter travel
Traveling over winter months: If you travel over the winter months be sure to make arrangements for your vehicle to be moved in case of a snow emergency to avoid being towed. Store your vehicle at another location or give a friend your car keys to move if necessary. CTC has a designated winter parking lot area available on a monthly fee basis. Contact CTC Office about the winter “Snow Bird” parking area available on a come first serve basis.
Parking fees will apply  
Snow Emergencies: will be declared on an as needed basis with advance notice
Seasonal Window Policy Reminder  
Friendly reminder during the heating season, to keep windows closed.
When fresh air is needed, open front door for a short time.
Be sure not to leave windows open for long periods of time when temperature is below 32 degrees.
Your heating pipes will freeze causing leaks and you will be responsible for the repair costs.
Windows neglectfully left open will be subject to a $75 fine

24 hours maintenance emergency dial 651-646-7526
For a live operator follow the voice prompts
If something looks suspicious call
Dial 911
Be aware of your surroundings
Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative
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