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Maintenance Corner

Did you know that there are many ways in which you personally can reduce costs and ultimately preserve affordable housing at CTC? Simple acts like turning off your lights when not in use and ensuring all waste goes inside the dumpsters to avoid fines from our waste management services can have a profound and positive effect on the overall financial impact to the community. This month, we'd like to focus on how early reporting of maintenance issues effectively saves materials, time, and money.

If at any time you need something fixed in your apartment, please submit a work order. You can call the office (651-646-7526), report online, or email the front office at The CTC Team wants to ensure that your apartment is always maintained to the highest standard.

We understand that you are very busy with school, work, and your families, but we must rely on you to take a few moments to give us an early notification of any maintenance issue. Delays in reporting work orders can sometime exacerbate problems and in turn cost the co-op more money in materials and labor. If you have a leaky faucet or bathtub this can create a more severe leak throughout the pipes eventually damaging walls and ceilings. As soon as you see a leak, please submit a work order.

Additionally, when you do have a maintenance issue, take the opportunity to inventory what other items may need attention in your apartment. If you create one work order with multiple requests it saves our maintenance staff from coming back multiple times. Also keep in mind that, when possible, early reporting of issues can eliminate the need for last minute, after hours, or holiday service calls, which cost more to the co-op in overtime labor costs.  Making work order requests early in the day and prior to the weekend or holiday is best.

Thanks for all you do to keep this wonderful cooperative community running efficiently!