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Maintenance Corner

Litter Pick-up around your Ward
Please help pick up litter around your ward area. With the melting of snow, the fall litter has begun to show. Please help out and pick up around your ward or as you walk through the property. Take pride in helping maintain the beautification of CTC grounds. If you need trash bags, feel free to stop in the Office or simply use a paper bag from a recent shopping trip. CTC Management Team and Land Care appreciate your help.
CTC Policy Reminder: Vegetable Gardens:
No vegetables may be planted near apartment buildings in the garden areas next to the house or in flower pots.
It will encourage animals (raccoons, rabbits, mice etc.) to come into the yards to feed. The Operations Committee maps out vegetable garden plots throughout the property. There is an annual fee for these plots to cover the costs of maintaining the garden beds before and after growing seasons. Contact management for cost of garden plot.
Flower Gardens-front and back of apartment
Flowers (not vegetables) may be planted in the three foot space by your entry doors that are not already landscaped or you may have a potted planter. You are responsible for maintaining the plants.
Do not feed squirrels or any wild life
Squirrels are a wild life animal that should not be fed by humans. Attracting them to your apartment encourages them to damage property such as chewing through storage sheds and damage window screens. This is also the reason, we do not allow any vegetables to be planted near apartment buildings. We try to keep animals as far away from the buildings as possible.