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U of MN Land Care Weed Control

The University of Minnesota Landcare does summer weed control with various applications. CTC Residents are always notified by email at the start of any application series. To better assist residents, we have listed the product labels for all products notified to us. This list may change in the future as we may have different applications throughout the summer. All fertilizers and weed control chemical listings are available at the CTC front desk as well.

Proper posting and signage will be applied to keep children and pets off until dry. The general dry time is 24 hours and signs will be removed shortly after.

All applications will be done Monday- Thursday during the hours of 8:00AM-3:30PM. No application will be made Friday-Sunday.

Chemical Listing:

Spring Broadleaf Weed Control- Starting May 29, 2017- completed June 8, 2017

Hard Surface and Mulch bed weed control- starting July 3, 2017 until completed (typically late August)

Annual Fall Lawn Fertilization
(typically late October-early November)
The property wide application is scheduled to be completed within 1 week period
(weather permitting - no applications Friday-Sunday)
No application at least 10 feet away from gardens and playgrounds. All fertilizer will be blown off hard surfaces
The application is a 24-0-11 fertilizer that does not contain any pesticides