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Impact Statement

Hello CTC Residents!

Here is what we do know, CTC is in need of a facilities upgrade and the U of M St. Paul Campus future facilities plans suggests an overhaul of CTC as it exists today, with the addition of more profitable developments.  CTC has been something of a hidden gem when it comes to academic life at the University. Much different than other areas of the Twin Cities campus, CTC has stayed true in providing an affordable housing option that is conveniently located, as well as a peaceful work environment filled with vast green spaces and a family-friendly orientation. For all these reasons, CTC has continued to be the vibrant housing cooperative it is today, and one that leaves a memorable impact on all of our residents, in addition to being a community with global ties and influence.

We ask you to share your story. CTC can no longer be the amazing secret that it has been. We must unite and vocalize our positive experiences in efforts to gain support from the larger community of our surrounding neighbors and of the University. We know each and every one of you have an incredible story of how you got here today: many of you worked and still work incredibly hard, have overcome significant changes and milestones, have raised families here, and/or have even traveled thousands of miles to be living here in CTC today.

We will call these stories Impact Statements, because whether they are short/long, detailed/concise, personal/objective, every single submission will make an impact on the future of CTC. Tell us—and the world!— why CTC should continue to be the unique, affordable sanctuary for students and families, for now and for generations like you to come! No statement is too short and, most importantly, no statement is too insignificant.

We know you are busy, and you know we value your time. That is why we will reward one randomly selected Impact Statement with a $75 rent gift card.

Need some inspiration to get going? Consider the following from you and/or your family’s perspective in your Impact Statement:


For the greatest visibility and success, we ask you to post your Impact Statement on Facebook. To do so, you can Post directly on our Facebook page, or you can from your individual account feed by either Sharing a post on our CTC Timeline or Tagging CTC as a location or in a photo (attached photos in general are also strongly encouraged!). This will help us reach the largest audience for support, as well as to connect on a deeper level by showing our authenticity and unity.

Don’t feel comfortable posting your Impact Statement on Facebook? No problem. Simply email the statement to Please mention your address with any email submissions.

We ask that all Impact Statements are submitted by December 3rd, 2018, if you wish to be considering in the prize drawing. Yet, you are always welcome to submit an Impact Statement far beyond whenever you see fit. We will limit one submission per resident for the drawing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, otherwise get writing!