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Coyotes in Sarita Wetlands area of CTC

Please see DNR Do's and Don'ts.
Dear Residents,
There have been sightings of Coyotes in and around CTC Sarita wetland area and the Ward 15 area along Gibbs Ave and Fifield Ave.
The University is working on trapping and relocating the Coyotes. Please see the DNR's suggested DO and Do Not list in reference to Coyotes.
secure all garbage containers, wildlife feeders, and other food sources to prevent coyote access
confine small dogs and cats in kennels, or supervise them when outside
vaccinate all pets for rabies, distemper, parvo, and other diseases, as recommended by a veterinarian
harass (by chasing, shouting, etc.) any coyotes that do not immediately run from people
do not feed coyotes
do not leave pet food outside
do not allow cats and small dogs outside, unattended.