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Board of Directors Corner

Spring has sprung and this typically means it is a good time to clear accumulated clutter from the house. The Board would like to remind everyone of the CTC Spring Yard Sale taking place Saturday May 21st 8am-1pm

Here’s how to participate in the Yard Sale
Be sure to register - Registration to participate deadline May 13th at the CTC front desk or email Please email your address, name, email, phone and a description of what you are selling. All registered participants will be marked on a CTC property Map available at the CTC office Friday (5/20) before the sale.

Each sale will take place on each residents front yard area. This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the spring weather, meet new neighbors, and buy/sell your gently used things! Have questions? Email

Helpful Resources for Donation Options and Proper Disposal of Garbage/Unwanted Items

Donation Options – a list of local area donation centers is available on the CTC website resident resource page

Disposal of Garbage/Unwanted Items – a list  is available on the CTC website resident resource page of how to properly dispose of garbage, recycling, furniture and electronics

Recycling & Refuse Reminders at a Glance: CTC Maintenance Team is able to dispose of unwanted electronics for a $25 recycling fee. Simply submit a recycling disposal work order request through the Office 651-646-7526 or DO NOT throw electronics in the dumpster.

Please do not leave items that you feel have value, or that other people may want next to the dumpsters. This only increases the workload for CTC maintenance and is subject to $150.00 fine. This includes large items such as sofas or chairs.

Be sure to recycle what is allowed

As always feel free to contact CTC Office 651-646-7526 or with any questions.

Enjoy the beautiful warm weather.

CTC Board of Directors