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Board of Directors Corner

Become a board member of our community!

Spring is coming and finally we will start seeing our neighbors again enjoying the nice weather. One of the first opportunities during this Spring to connect with your ward and the rest of CTC residents is the mandatory annual meeting that is approaching in April. During that meeting, all the residents will vote to elect our new CTC Board of Directors. As CTC residents, we all have the incredible opportunity to be part of the Board of our community to represent and advocate for us, suggest changes and improve CTC! Being part of the board will give you the opportunity to create and set policies for the community, make decisions on budgets and how funds will be allocated as well as work on challenges and events that affect members of CTC. It is such a great opportunity to be involved with your community and improve living in CTC.
If you want to learn more about what is involved in being a Board Member, you can check the job description, talk to any of the current Board Members, or come to our next meeting on March 22 at 6:30 pm in the Community Center kitchen area upstairs. If you have any questions about joining the CTC Board of Directors feel free to stop in to meet with Hadley or email
If you are ready to apply, please complete the Board Member Application and submit it by Friday, April 7, 2017, 6 pm to the CTC office.
Another activity we are planning for this Spring is an all-inclusive Diversity Event here in CTC. Since our community is so diverse, we want to offer resources for everyone to get to know about different cultures and support each other. Watch for the date of this event to happen!
Being a board member of CTC is representing your closest community. You can support CTC in many other ways, such as being part of the different committees or volunteering for specific events. However, if you want to get involved in a larger scale, further than your closest community, here are some resources:
Create/sign petitions to the White House: Although it is difficult to predict how the White House will respond to these, at the very least this is a mean of expressing our concerns.
Contact the ISSS at and support the different efforts this office is making to improve the international students’ experience in Minnesota.
If you have any other resources that could be useful for the community, and if you have any questions about participating in committees or specific events, please email