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Board of Directors Corner

Dear residents,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We, the Board of directors, would like to thank you for all your help for making CTC such a wonderful place to live.

This is that time of year when you all can give and take thanks/blessings for the previous year. We hope that you already have plans to mix with your neighbors and share a part of this moment with them. If not, why don't you try something new this time. WHY DON'T YOU INVITE ONE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR FOR THANKSGIVING AND MAKE YOUR THANKSGIVING MEMORABLE!! You can share your favorite American thanksgiving dish or a special treat from your part of the world. Don't forget to share your favorite THANKSGIVING memory. Don't worry if you don't celebrate thanksgiving on your part of the world, you should definitely have some similar national or family traditions. You can share those. Residents, LETS MAKE THIS THANKSGIVING MEMORABLE.

Thanking you once again on behalf of the board

Vivek Bhandari