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Board of Directors Corner

Fellow Community members, 

Hope you are enjoying the pleasant weather by playing outdoors and grilling some barbeque.  As we enjoy the weather, let us also keep in mind to keep our backyards clean. Please keep the kid's toys in your own backyard.  Make sure you lock your bicycles. Some of you might want to avoid all the fun and excitement of kids playing outdoors and want to focus on your studies or work. The CTC Study Center is available just for that purpose. The Study Center is located on the corner of Fifield Street and Gibbs Avenue, with quiet study rooms and WiFi. You can borrow the key from the CTC office and use the Study Center anytime, even during the weekends. There is a key deposit requirement ($25) for the Study Center and the deposit is returned when the key is returned.

Have a fun summer.

Divya Bhaskaran
CTC Board of Director