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Board of Directors Corner

Greetings Neighbors,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I am writing to update you on the recent online article from Josh Verges of the Twin Cities Pioneer Press (Link), To shorten the article in a few sentences, the University of Minnesota leaders want to replace the CTC housing with some new investment, such as hotels and retail space along Como Avenue. This triggers urgent matters, for the board of directors and the Co-op managers to discuss the future of CTC and Saint Paul Campus with Housing and Residential Life coordinator at the University of Minnesota, Scott Creer.

During September meeting, we discuss this issue with Scott, and he reported that the St. Paul Master Campus Plan presented to the U of M Board of Regents on Thursday, Sep 13th, 2018 (Link,youtube) , is still preliminary and is expected to be completed in December. He added that this property is still designated to be affordable and safe Student Housing.  However, this does not mean that it will be forever. Thus, the board directors and Co-op’s management team came up with the following recommendations: (1) As representatives of the Co-op we proactively continue to move forward with the intent to preserve our affordable and safe housing. (2) Trying to reach our voice and concern to the hierarchy of the University Regents.  (3) Boost our Co-op ’s market analysis and investment.  (4) Establish a strategic plan to increase community engagement and communication, which highly shows the importance of Co-op’s existence. (5) Investigate alternative and future plan for our Co-op.
Finally, we would like to let you know that we will continue to express our interests and objectives to the Housing and Residential Life (HRL) at the University of Minnesota until our voices are heard.

Louai Alarabi
Board of Directors, Treasurer