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Board of Directors Corner

Hello Neighbors,

This month I want you to think about the benefits of living here at CTC. Like most communities in Minnesota, we have neighbors from here in Minnesota and the United States. Unlike most communities, we have, additionally, many neighbors from around the world. We have a wonderful, multicultural community; a community that gives us the opportunity to gain insight into other cultures and experiences. CTC is more than a place we live while gaining education or contributing to research in our chosen field; it is, itself, a place of education; a place where we have come together to learn from, and share with, new friends.

I have one simple question for you: Are you taking advantage of that opportunity?

At CTC, there are many ways that we can meet new neighbors, get involved in our community, and to give back for the enrichment we are offered here! Please consider sharing your voice and your unique insight to make CTC even better! We are deeply in need of neighbors who wish to volunteer their time and knowledge with the co-op. Volunteer to share your talents, and gain some real-world insight by joining one of our committees at CTC. These also look great on a resume (CV)!

Every month, several events are scheduled for us:

Lately, these events have been experiencing a low turnout. They offer us a free opportunity to have fun, while meeting, learning from, and sharing with, our community. When you decide to take advantage of these events, check the CTC Schedule Page for upcoming events!

You don’t have to be a ward rep to engage with your neighbors. Join in and attend a gathering or meeting, give back to CTC and get more out of CTC; you owe it to yourself!

Paul Bigwood
Board Treasurer