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Board of Directors Corner

Dear Neighbors
A wonderful time of the year is starting, and I don’t mean Winter (of course), I mean holidays!!!!! Just finishing Halloween festivities last week, there will be so many activities in the upcoming weeks that we can all enjoy. I encourage you to participate with your neighbors celebrating. Many of us don’t have any family here, so friends become family.

Some of the best ways to meet other neighbors and start building friendships is being involved in community activities. There is something for everyone. If you like organizing activities, you are creative and excited join the programing committee. If you are good with numbers, want to help the Co-op to keep spending low, and learn a little bit more about money management in a large organization like us, join the Finances Committee. If you want to help the families in the community to protect their kids, and learn more about keeping them safe, join the “Family Care Committee” that is going to be created soon (more about this coming soon). If you like to keep your community organized, become a Ward Rep, if you want to help with the leadership of this community or just want to learn more about it, join us in the board meetings every third Tuesday of the month (Nov 20th is the next). If you have any other idea of something you could help or change, please feel free to talk to any of us in the board or the office. We can look for options to put it in practice. If you just want to meet people and have fun, join the events we organize! We have (or try to have) activities for every age. We just want everyone to take advantage of living in this great and diverse community.

We want to thank those of you that have read this far, as well as create an incentive for newsletter readership in the months to come. Email the office, proving you have read this, with your address to be entered in a drawing for fifty dollars off rent no later than November 23, 2018.

If you would like specific topics discussed in the Terrace Times, please let us know and we can make that happen. We really want the whole community to participate in this Co-op.

Javiera Mondarez Popelka
Board of Director