Board of Directors Corner

Dear CTC residents:

The fall is almost over! We hope you enjoyed some of the fall/ Halloween activities that we had in CTC.

During this month, we want to keep highlighting the volunteer opportunities we have in CTC, and also encourage you to participate in our community.

This time we will talk about the Ward Reps. This is a very important role to the community and a fantastic leadership opportunity to add to your CV/resume and way to participate in the co-op.

The primary functions of the Ward Rep are:

  • Welcoming new residents to the community
  • Coordinating and facilitating annual clean-ups
  • Serving as liaison between CTC Management and ward
  • Scheduling and overseeing laundry duty assignments
  • Laundry room inspections and supply restock (or assign)
  • Point of contact for the ward
  • Assist in neighborly mediation situations as necessary.

The benefits of serving as Ward Rep are:

  • Build leadership, organizational, communication and problem solving skills
  • Exempt from laundry cleaning duty and community kitchen user fee
  • Gain familiarity with cooperative operations
  • Build lasting friendships

The Wards should meet at least twice a year (during the fall and the spring clean-up) and get to know each other. However, you as a resident, can organize other activities for your ward and ask the support of your Ward Rep. Additional budget funds for ward related events and/or materials are authorized on an annual basis.

Remember, Even if you are not ward representative, you can help your ward to be better, and to build relationships between the people that live closer to you.

We hope during the long winter, you take the opportunity to build relationships with your neighbors knowing that CTC supports your efforts.

Have a wonderful November!

Javi Monardez, Board Member.

Phone: 651-646-7526
Fax: 651-646-3319