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Board of Directors Corner

Spring is just around the corner, and our residents’ mandatory annual meeting is fast approaching. As usual, you will be electing your new CTC Board of Directors.   …say, why don’t you consider running for a position on the Board? Learn more about what is involved in being a Board Member and come get a first-hand glimpse of how CTC  operates. Board meetings are open to all members. Our next meeting will be March 30 at 6 pm in the Community Center kitchen area upstairs. We’d be happy to have you attend!
            … of course, if partying is more your style, you might prefer to work with the Social Committee, planning fun activities. Either way, volunteering at CTC is a great way to get to know your neighbors from around the world.

On another note: We’ve heard your complaints about the laundry machines, and soon we’ll have brand new washers and dryers, provided by a new company. There will be only a few days between taking out the old machines and putting in the new ones. We’ll let you know more as the change approaches. In the meantime, spend down your laundry cards – the new machines will use new, different cards. (And don’t forget to clean out those dryer lint traps!)

And last, but not least: Get to know your neighbors! With warmer weather comes a rise in thefts. Let’s all stay safe, and watch out for each other.

Chris Crosby
Board of Directors