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Board of Directors Corner

Hello Community Members and Happy New Year!

We hope this newest edition of the Terrace Times finds you happy, healthy, and warm as we roll into 2018! This monthly e-newsletter will be an official means of communication at CTC, and will provide updates on cooperative living as well as announcements of events and programs from the Board of Directors and staff. You may notice an improved design of the Terrace Times. We hope that this layout will help to keep you better informed about your neighborhood and your co-op responsibilities. 

2017 In Review

The New Year often invites us into a time of reflection and to take an inventory of accomplishments over the past year. In 2017, the Board of Directors and our community bid farewell to a retiring general manager and appointed Hadley Adkins to the position. The internal management team then experienced an internal shift, wherein Shanea Schmelling was promoted to Operations Manager and Sara Krasny moved into the role of Housing Coordinator. This staff reorganization has provided fresh perspectives and starting on new trends in operations that we as a Board are very excited about for the greater co-op community. 

One such trend is a greater focus on sustainability and how it pertains to our co-op’s mission statement and CTC's impact on the community, locally and globally. A direct implication of this focus has been the decision to reassign investment funds with a company whom we feel echoes more strongly our values and goals. As of January 1, 2018 the Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative’s asset management strategies will be managed by the Morgan Stanley Group, with longer-term plans for CTC's investments to work in the direction of Socially and Environmentally-Responsible Investing (SERI) goals. 

2017 also saw the formation of a Pet Task Force at CTC. General trends in property management and changes to laws prompted an evaluation of our current policy and a discussion on how best to manage accommodations with pets in mind. The Task Force will continue their discussions in the New Year and will be seeking out community engagement on this topic. 

We have many aspirations for 2018, and our community relies on your participation to thrive. We are looking for residents to help plan and run events, as well as to serve on our Programs, Operations, and Finance Committees. You can also serve your community by running for a position on the Board of Directors or volunteering your time as a Ward Representative. 

Have additional questions about the Board of Directors or other specific facets of living at CTC? Feel free to stop in to meet with General Manager, Hadley Adkins or email Thank you all and let's make 2018 a great year for community life at CTC!