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Board of Directors Corner

Greetings Neighbors,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I am writing to update you on the current happenings of our work and encourage your engagement as we continue to promote quality housing and community at CTC. During this past month we have been working intensively on getting our voices heard at the University of Minnesota. Several community and board members attended the open houses that the U of M planning committee hosted to informed about the future of the St. Paul campus facilities including CTC.

We make sure our voices and concerns were heard at those open house presentations and even people for the surrounding neighborhoods were supporting the continuation of the cooperative and the residential style at CTC. As a response of our voices, several days ago, the U of M vice-president for planning and construction, Mike Berthelsen, attended our board meeting to closely answer more questions about the future of CTC.

At this point there are several ideas about CTC that the U of M planning committee is exploring and we asked him for active involvement on those discussions to make sure we continue to have the cooperative and the green and safe space for our kids. He told us that right now they did not have CTC in their plans at least for the next 6 years but they will continue exploring what will be the most viable option for CTC.

We wanted to updated you on this process and ask for your active involvement to keep the CTC participation in future conversations with the U of M planning committee. Some of the current board members are near to leave CTC as they will be graduating soon and we need more people that want to continue this work to make sure we can keep CTC for future students with families. Please if you see opportunities to join the board, do not hesitate to join and help make a change.


CTC Board of Directors