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Board of Directors Corner

Greetings Neighbors,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I'd like to reach out and wish you all a safe and happy Minnesota winter. 'Tis the magical season of hot chocolate, warm wool socks, and (hopefully) some white winter snow! 

As temperatures drop and snow does begin to fall, we would like to remind you of the policies on snow removal and parking. Snow shovels are available in each ward for your use. Residents are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks at our front and back doors and car owners share a collective responsibility to shovel out vehicles. Good neighborly etiquette requires that all households participate in snow removal.

Additionally, from your Resident Handbook, 

            "CTC management makes every effort to keep the main sidewalks and roadways clear of snow. Occasionally, a snow emergency       must be declared to facilitate the removal of snow from all of the parking areas. When a snow emergency is declared, you are          required to move your car off CTC property. Announcement of snow emergency schedule, date, and times will be sent by E- mail    notification, posted on CTC website and in the Terrace Times. All resident and guest vehicles are required to be moved during snow    emergency; any remaining vehicles are subject to tow. It is highly suggested vehicles keys are given to a trusted friend/neighbor     when traveling or away during winter months; so your car may be moved as required."

Now, a few general winter safety tips:

Be Attentive on Walking Surfaces-

·  Be extra cautious after a snow fall in parking lots and on sidewalks

·  Proceed at a reasonable pace and avoid distractions

·  Travel through the safest route possible – shoveled/cleared/designated walkways

·  Report icy conditions

·  WATCH EVERY STEP when walking through snow, ice and water.  Walk Like a Penguin

Dress for the Weather-

·  Wear several light layers to stay dry and warm

·  Equip yourselves with boots, hats, gloves, and scarves

·  Be aware that exposed skin in freezing conditions may cause frostbite

Keep a Winter Emergency Kit in your Car

Wishing you all well as we enjoy the last weeks of 2017!