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Board of Directors Corner

 Volunteer Appreciation Annual Members Meting

We would like to acknowledge those who were given recognition at the Annual Members Meeting on April 3rd, 2019. We know that the details of their recognition were hard to hear. These volunteers were chosen based on their multiple levels of involvement within the community and selected by their peers.


Kate Sammons

Kate not only has been on the Board of Directors for the past two years, she additionally volunteers on the Landscape and Environmental Design Task force in helping making decisions towards the New Turf Management Program and playground choices. Kate’s critical-thinking and innovative ideas have transformed CTC in multiple ways to catapult co-op initiatives ahead. 

Sofia Simeto

Sofia is extremely considerate and always willing to get involved for the betterment of the community. A primary example of such is that Sofia filled the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors only shortly after moving in. She has already shown remarkable dedication to learn, serve, and further develop our co-op through this position, and is running again to serve for another term. Additionally, Sofia began helping in any and all ways possible at the Lunar New Year Celebration, without being asked or as an officially delegated volunteer. Sofia is a leading example of what it means to live cooperatively, in which her conscientious, courteous, and collaborate efforts help to elevate the co-op and each of its members up as a whole.

Praveen Singh Hajeri

Praveen has significantly impacted many lives in CTC, showing us the path of co-operation as a community in CTC. Praveen provides guidance on variety of topics including child care options, getting adjusted to Minnesota like driving around, help in Emergency situations, and is also an attentive listener. Praveen is known to go above any beyond, helping many in CTC to buy their first cars, driving individuals to the hospital while sick and to important errands, and even assisting many neighbors move in and out. He is truly a hero of our community and does not lose any opportunity to help other people whenever they need it. He not only provides his invaluable guidance but also the moral support and help whenever someone needs it.

Yushi Zhang

Yushi showed exemplary leadership as what can be considered the primary volunteer for organizing the Lunar New Year Celebration and facilitating its success. She showed an abundance of self-imitative and public-spirit to harmonize the event, coordinating a myriad of activities, directing volunteers, purchasing all the groceries, and even documenting the event with her beautiful photography. Yushi went above and beyond in the planning and execution of the LNY celebration, in which it cannot be stressed enough that her efforts were essential to the event’s vitality and cohesion. Thank you Yushi, and here’s to another memorable celebration to welcome 2020!

Lance Dillenberg and Desi Nunez

Lance and Desi are always organizing sports and games with neighbors, including spending lots of time with the youth such as playing football and basketball. Lance and Desi are the main volunteers for community game nights and spur of the moment activities out on property to help keep the youth engaged. Lance has also been frequently seen shoveling neighbor’s snow and helping remove snow for neighbors to better access their cars. 

Jing Bian

In the activity of Lunar new year celebration, Jing worked so hard. From cooking to cleaning up, she even didn’t have time to have dinner. That day, she boiled hundreds of dumplings by herself. The activity would not have been so successful without her hard work. Jing Bian is helpful, caring, resourceful, and happy to offer service to different kinds of community activities. She also gives lots of help to new CTC residents. 

Andrew Fowler and Courtney Marshall

Courtney and Andrew have been imperative with their efforts regarding the change in turf maintenance. They put in countless hours into researching how turf is managed more sustainably in other locations and worked hard on communicating the subject to the community with newsletters. Additionally, they put together the survey to assess the community take on the turf management, and then compiled the responses for effective action. Courtney and Andrew’s involvement has elevated the Landscape and Environmental Design Task Force immensely, and we wouldn’t be seeing the same ethical and ingenious turf management program without their dedicated work. 

Javi Monardez Popelka

For her enthusiastic energy for building community and connecting people. Her ambition to help out to the max, on extended time she carves out to serve the community. Her belief and passion for a connected co-op is effective with infectious energy. Javi took the initiative to get involved right at the beginning at move-in, serving as an active ward rep and on the Board of Directors, as well as participating in community events, Bollywood Dance Group, and leading exercise classes. Javi is always looking to get a great gathering of people together for a good time, all in effort to enhance her surroundings and benefit everyone! 

Sudhir Ramanna

Sudhir has volunteered all of his extra efforts into starting many programs at CTC, including monthly movie night, Piano Lessons, and, most recently, Guitar Lessons. Sudhir is also full of innovative ideas, which he passes along to management to improve or incorporate new initiatives. Sudhir is very kind and considerate, always looking for ways to enhance the activities and overall quality of living for the CTC community.